Flight times

Here is our official flight from Seattle to Korea.

We are to arrive at the airport at 10:35pm on the 16th. Our flight leaves at 1:55am on the 17th, and we arrive in Osan, Korea at 11:30am on the 18th-- korea time. There are several stops.

Seattle to Anchorage 1:55- 4:10 (lose 1 hour)
Anchorage to Yokota, Japan 6:30-7:00 (lose 15 hours)
Japan to Osan, Korea 9:20-11:30

So if I've done the math right, with a flight leaving at 1:55am (pacific time), when we land our bodies will feel like it is 7:30pm the same day. That is 17 1/2 hours of travel. When adjusting to Korea time we will practically lose that whole night since we arrive at nearly noon Korea time. And Seoul is still 50 miles from the airport. Ack! I think we'll need all of your prayers that day!


kim said...

Are you on a "regular" airline or military?

wait! how / when are you getting to Seattle?

When you take off out of Anchorage they will probably feed you dinner, then they will probably close all the windows, dim the lights and suggest that everybody sleep. They will also probably start a movie at that time. At least that has been my experience ;O)

Laura said...

It's an AMC flight, so basically a military contracted flight on a commercial plane. Getting to Seattle hasn't been decided yet. We'll either fly from Norfolk or try to get our orders changed so that we can drive out to Seattle and have our car shipped from there (which is what we're leaning towards).

I know they'll suggest we sleep, but by 4 a.m. the kids may have done all their sleeping on the other flight. It could get interesting!

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