Seoul Forest

While my sister in-law Kim was visiting her daughter, she spent a couple of days at our abode. That Monday was beautiful, and nor did I want to do a big huge adventure, so we visited Seoul Forest. I had heard and read that it was nice, and it turns out to be really close. I think we'll spend much more time there, especially next summer. It is huge and has lots of different areas to visit. We kept it simple and went to the kid's playground.

The first pictures I took of Seoul Forest were of the Koreans wanting pictures with my kids. You can't see the 3 or 4 other adults that were next to us!

The fall foliage is just gorgeous right now. Here's the path towards the park.

Cade and Alex asked their pictures to be taken on these stone balls.

A lot of the leaves here are HUGE! Cade loves them.

Now the playground. I tell you, Korea has playgrounds like I've never seen. Here's an entrance.

And check out the size of this slide!

I love how the signs here show you exactly what's going to happen. This one is located at the top of the slide.

Cade wandered to an area next to the playground and there's this giant sculpture!

Well, it turns out you can climb around inside of it! You enter at its foot...

Climb up the leg and through the mid-section...

...and out its other leg. Kinda weird but pretty cool!

Kim going over the rainbow!

Surrounding the giant sculpture was a big rock snake, which only part of his body is pictured below.

I can't wait to go back in the summer for the splash area, and to check out the two dozen or so other areas like horse sculptures, insectarium and more!


Kristina said...

This is so spectacularly fun. Can't wait til we can come visit you! (next year? two years? 50th wedding anniversary?)

The Knitting Bea said...

That is incredible!!! They really know how to design awesome parks and playgrounds.

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