COEX Aquarium

A few weeks ago Cade and I went on a mommy/son date to the COEX aquarium. This aquarium is MUCH better than the one at the 63 building. We both really enjoyed it.

Here's Cade with his map. Man he loves those things!

This aquarium had lots of shiny fish which I just loved

Lion fish


I thought these Korean characters were cute

They had a whole section of fish tanks made out of everyday things.
Traffic lights

This one was fixed to look like it had been smashed by a baseball

A jazz aquarium!

Check out the seahorse jamming to the saxophone

A washer aquarium

There was a refrigerator, sink, toilet, and even a computer that were turned into fish tanks!

This is a bathtub filled with Dr. Fish. These little guys nibble the dead skin off of your hands and feet and it tickles.

And who can forget a spiderman fish tank!

Another cool sparkly fish

In the kid's area cade got to pull the tongue of the iguana to see how long it was

And go deep sea diving

These fish were so shimmery they almost look translucent.

Here we are at the shark part of the aquarium!

These jellyfish were awesome!

After the aquarium there just happened to be a McDonald's in the COEX mall so we made a stop. Think he likes his ice cream cone?


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