The longest day of our lives

Even though today may have been an extremely long day, we have one day in the near future that will be 100x worse. And no, it's not even the days we'll have in the car on our upcoming road trip. It's that one we'll have up in the sky. We got our itinerary for our flight from here to Seattle. Here's the breakdown.

Flight leaves August 16th at 2:51pm and arrives in Seattle at 8:15pm on United. We then check in at 10:30 for our next flight. It leaves at 1:55am, arrives in Anchorage at 4:10am. We leave Anchorage at 6:30am and arrive in Japan at 7:00am. We then leave Japan at 9:20am and arrive at the Osan AFB at 11:30. (and then we still have to make our way to Seoul, 90 minutes away)

So if we take all of the time changes away that's 31+ hours of travel. Someone commit me now! Any spare moment you have on August 16-17th to send prayers, warm fuzzies, or sleep fairies our way, please do!


Alison said...

Oh dear lord that sounds awful! I know you'll make it through and I'll definitely be sending love and prayers for your sanity ;) I mean, safe trip!

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