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I know that there are people who dislike Facebook, but I suppose anyone can use a good thing and a bad way, right? That's just a truth about the internet period.

Our sponsor is supposed to be our go-to person for any questions, and our liason between the states and Korea. He has been a little less than present so we've had to find some things out on our own. Well, there is a USAG-Yongsan Facebook group that has been an immense help to me and getting our family prepared for the move. People can get on and post questions ranging from phone service to where's the best restaurant. I've made a contact with a lady who has answered a lot of my questions.

Someone also posted this as a resource for preparing to PCS to Korea and vital info for the first 30 days there. I wish I had found it sooner, but I'm still very glad I found it, even if it added a few more things to my checklist!

We also finally have our new address!! If you want it let me know, but of course I won't put it out for everyone on the interwebs to read :)


Valerie said...

Address please!

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