Six years old!

If you're not ready for a picture overload then do not read this post! :)  Our boys get a party on the even years of their birthdays so there are lots of fun pictures to share.

First Cade was so excited to do the snack on the last day of school before his birthday and spring break.  Here are his mario cupcakes, made by our  neighbor Marie (maker of the best cupcakes i've ever had), with mario tags by me.

Then I put Cade to work. Here he is helping put the goodie bags together. He put on the names, pictures and put everything inside.

Then it was time to make the cake. It had been awhile since I attempted a theme cake, but I found the perfect pattern that seemed doable for me, and I think it turned out great! And what's better, the boys loved eating it.

Finally it was birthday morning. This was the first time that I can remember one of our boys' birthdays being on a Saturday, so we got to open family presents right away.

From Grandma Kathy

 From Grandpa Bob
 From Alex
From Mom & Dad (he loves wearing a black tie, but lost his)

 Now it's party time! Here are the boys all ready to go!

Instead of having six 5-6 year olds in our apartment we decided to have it at the bowling alley. It was so much fun and I think all of the boys had a blast. Cade was allowed to invite 6 friends (since that's how old he was) and they all turned out to be boys, much to the dismay of a few girls in his Kindergarten class. "Cade's mommy? Why did Cade only have boys invited to his party?"  lol.  Here are some shots.

 Time for cake and presents!

 Someone inhaled enjoyed the cake!
Thank you hugs

 The whole crew

Lastly Dan asked all the boys to make their best crazy face. Happy Birthday Cade! It was a fun day.





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