The 63 Building

Today is obviously a new day and already much better than yesterday. Dan comes home in a little bit and the sun is shining!

A few weeks ago we went to the tallest building in Korea, the 63 building.

It is definitely a tourist trap, but a fun one.

There's a wax museum...

Future president?

Che Guevara

Here's Alex surrounded by a Korean school group

Me and Bach

Denice and her Frankenstein


There was also an aquarium.

It was an interesting aquarium. It was kind of like walking through the mall and stumbling upon some fish. Still, not many of the aquariums we've lived near have had penguins.

King crab!

Here you could see the fish below you.

My namesake....almost!

Most of the tanks and these large tacky stickers on them, making it kind of hard to see the fish. This heart shaped thing was clearly there for couples to sit down and have their picture taken in front of some fish.

Lastly there was an art gallery and an amazing view from the top of the building. The elevators are glass so you could watch as you climbed 60 stories. (3 of the floors are underground)

I took a lot of pictures, and posted most of them just to show you how populated and densely high-rised Seoul is. This top level had windows on all sides so you could see the entire surrounding area. We live across the river that you can see in the picture below.

Check out the cookie cutter high rise apartments.

They had this area that looked like you could see all the way down the building, but there are really just slanted mirrors that reflect, making it look creepy.

Tall buildings as far as the eye can see.

I think this must be the 'rural' part of soul, with mostly 4-5 story villas.

And back around, with a close view of the crazy traffic here.

Pretty cool, huh? Makes you want to come visit us, right?


The Knitting Bea said...

WOW! Those pictures from up at the top are crazy - what a mess! That's why we moved to rural TX ;)

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