And thus it begins...

I vowed not to get too frustrated with the process ahead of us, but they're making it really hard. So, as we understand it right now, they won't cut paper orders until we have our overseas screenings done. So I called the clinic to set up an appointment for our overseas screening and they told me I needed to first come in and get some paperwork. I sent Dan in to pick it up, and duh, it's a navy clinic and since we really are in the army (even though we've only ever worked on a navy base) we have to do all medical stuff through the army bases.

So while we were at Ft. Monroe filling out our passport applications we picked up the proper paperwork to do our overseas screening... that same form that had already been given to us. So step 1 was unnecessarily repeated. They gave us the phone number to call to get the overseas screening done and I get her voicemail. It says, if you need to schedule an overseas screening please have the following things done first. Have DA form 5888 signed and dated (check, and double check), and must have had a physical within the past year (oops.... i haven't had one since 6 weeks after alex was born).

So next step, schedule a physical for myself. But what kind of physical? No one knows. Is it a general run of the mill physical or a girly one? So I call to make my appointment and they can't see me until March 30th!? That's crazy talk. So I called the clinic directly and they said, "Oh! We can see you today at 1:45!"

So I'll be out the door today, not 3 weeks from now, to get a general physical, which may lead to a girly physical, to get our overseas screening, so we can get our orders which will open up the flood gates for even more wonderful experiences like this one! :)


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