Our Korean Adventure

Many of you have requested that I continue to blog while we are in Korea. It is for times like this that blogs are the best thing since sliced bread. I mean, 10 years ago if we were living in Korea we could email and get prepaid long distance phone cards and try our best to keep in touch. Now we can Skype and blog and Facebook, allowing acquaintances, friends and family to keep in touch on so many levels!

Also, since this will be such an interesting process I decided to keep a separate blog of the adventures of PCS-ing (Permanent Change of Station) overseas. I have vowed to not become frustrated with the military and it's 'hurry up and wait' motto. I know that there will be things that could've been handled better 'if we'd only known' and something that should've been done sooner except the military never told us so. And let's not even talk about the amount of hours that will be spent on the plane with 4 & 2 year old boys just getting to Korea!

It will be an interesting few months ahead and I'll need all of your support and help to make it through!


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